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I stopped using dA a long while ago but am still making arts. is now where you can go to find me on the web.

Much thanks for the continued comments and love for my work.
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EDIT: So I won the contest, probably thanks to all of yous voting for me. Muuuuuch thanks to everyone who helped me out!  If you're got any more votes to show me then please link them in a comment.  Soon as I get the money from the guys running the contest I'll start putting something together to send to the winner.

EDIT:I've got an entry in another contest with a self portrait theme.  Click… and go vote!

EDIT:  Someone suggested that to prove votes that are being cast, to maybe with the "whoever votes the most wins a prize" thing, people could just screen shot them voting :thumbsup: for me and :thumbsdown: for the next closest four.  

Be sure to make a screen shot that's wide enough to show the date, so I know when you voted.  I'll update this journal everyday with people who are sending me shots and the ranking.

I usually hate when people do posts like this, asking for help to win some contest, but I'm only a few hundred bucks away from being able to buy… which I've been craving for the last 6 months or so.  

I made a light stencil for a contest and while I'm pretty sure my entry is one of the best running, I could use all the help I can get.  


if you want you can also...


You can vote five times a day, but I don't really expect you guys to all come back and vote again and again.  It'd be nice if you could though.  

If you vote, please comment so I know if anyone is actually doing this.

If I end up winning and someone can think of a way to prove they voted the most times, then I will have some sort of big stencil prize to award.

tif-png 24…

ijustwantamoment 20…

Tower43 6………………

designMS 5……………

straight-thugin 2……

ooblackinkoo 1…

TheChew 1…

smokesomelime 1
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If you've been following my tumblr, you'll know that I've been working on another massive halftone stencil.… is what it's going to be.  70 inches by 70 inches sprayed on a vinyl shower curtain, which makes it cheap to ship and easy to hang anywhere.… is a flickr set with progress of how I've been setting it up.

$100 if you reserve one now.
$300 if you want one after I'm done cutting it.

I'm guessing it'll take me somewhere under a month to cut, since the last big halftone took me a month and a half and that was squares.  Lined halftones take considerably less time.

I'll be trying to capture the entire process of making this stencil from start to finish so I'll have a neat time lapse video to show off when I'm done.

You've got until April 10th to let me know.

Send me a note if you're interested..
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In case some of you didn't know, I got a tumblr account months and months ago and have been using it to post updates on things I'm working on, photos I've been taking that aren't good enough to post on dA, and reblogging things I like.  It's a good place to go to see what I've got coming up next, as far as my massive stencils go.

Check it out if you've got one.  Follow me and maybe I'll follow you.

If you follow me, comment on this journal with yours so I know who you are.
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From my brother,
So, most of you know by now that I am more involved with music than I am with art that's post-able on dA.  That being said, I'd like to introduce to you the comedy hip-hop group that I am in:

Fried Chicken.

I dj the live shows, record the new songs in my recording studio, and starting a few months ago I now work on the beats and also became the third rapper.  We released our first 12 song full length album on May 9th of this year and are now in my studio working on finding the style we want to push our comedic musical journey...

With new songs in the making about zombie attacks, prostates, and sex in the middle of the road, and old classics about bitches, dancing like a fishrocket, and fucking bitches in a club, Fried Chicken is something you need to listen to.  

Check out our myspace at the link above and just search "Fried Chicken" on facebook to find our fan page and get updates on the newest songs.

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think

-PeterPopdown and the guys of Fried Chicken

I highly recommend checking them out, since everything my brother has been doing musically has been brilliant so far.  Don't pass this by.
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from my brother:

"So i just dropped my second mixtape on friday and I thought i'd throw the link up here as well. Its already had over 30 downloads in 2 days, while my first mixtape is now over 400.  So check them out, hit me up on facebook and myspace, and let me know what you think...

Thomas Midgley Tribute Mix (new)

The Mixtape (old)…



or just search PopDown"
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My brother Pete (petercolumbus) has taken some time away from working on his architecture degree at IIT to dabble a bit in the mixtape game.  You should give a visit to and download his first big mix if you're into that sort of electro-dance type stuff.

From his myspace:

Justice, Daft Punk, MSTRKRFT, Public, Simian Mobile Disco, Busy P, So-me, Willy Joy, Rainn Wilson, John Krazinski, Soulwax, Steve Aoki, Ocelot, Tronik Youth, Toxic Avenger, Stereoheroes, Me Me Me, Fukkk Off, Destroy Disco, Crystal Castles, Fried Chicken

MacBook 10.5.6, Traktor Pro, WesternDigital MyBook 1tb External Harddrive , AudioKontrol 1 External Soundcard, Custom VCI-100SE Firmware 1.3 , Korg Nano Kontrol, Korg Nano Pad, Technic DH1200, Behringer Eurorack UB1202, M-Audio BX8a Studio Monitors , Purple American Apparel SlimSlacks

I highly endorse what he's doing.  This mixtape had my head nodding all through drawing class on more than one occasion.
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Hey so I reactivated my facebook account in preparation for SCAD.…

Anyone who's got one, add me up.

(if you add me, make a note about your dA so I know who you are)


I'm taking suggestions / inspiration for light stencil concepts or ideas that you all might have.  Crazy or absurd as you can think up, let me know here and if I like it then I'll see if I can pull it off.

aka, I needed some journal to take the place of that contest one
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:pointr: First by street art you should understand graffiti(not photography).
:pointr: In the contest I'm accepting only: Street Bombs, Train Bombs, Throw-ups, PaintRollers, Legal Graffiti, Stencils, Stickers, Posters and tags. Absolutely everything Street Art Related...
:pointr: Everyone can submit maximum 5 thumbs in the note(they can be all from the same category, but your chances of winning won't be as big as if the thumbs are from different Street Art Categories)
:pointr: Only the top 3 deviants will win prizes. But remember two gallery directors are going to check all your submissions, so there are possible chances to receive a Daily Deviation(from PurpelBlur or stigmatattoo)

How to submit:
:pointr: Just send noxiousone a note entitled as 'Contest' or just click here.
:pointr: In the note you must put the thumbs of your submissions(remember, they must be maximum 4 and they must cover the upper categories).
Example: 1 for Street bombing, 1 for Train bombing and etc.
:pointr: It will also be good if you tell me about yourself :lol: I like contacting with people =P

Contest Judges:

:iconnoxiousone: :icontruemarmalade: :iconraggatron: :iconpurpelblur: :iconstigmatattoo:

1st place:
- Gets a painting from truemarmalade :D
- 6 moths Subscription donated by DAnnsCreations
- 1 month Shoutboard feature from noxiousone
- 1 month Journal feature from noxiousone
- Special feature in "Street Art vol.10" by noxiousone

2nd place:
- 3 moths Subscription donated by DAnnsCreations
- 2 weeks Shoutboard feature from noxiousone
- 1 month Journal feature from noxiousone

3rd place:
- 1 moth Subscription donated by DAnnsCreations
- 2 weeks Shoutboard feature from noxiousone
- 1 month Journal feature from noxiousone

If anyone want's to donate a Prize, he/she is more than welcome!

Deadline 22th October
More info in noxiousone's Journal!
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noxiousone has taken up the duties of putting together news articles about street art and has posted volume 8 more than a year after I posted 7.

It can be found here:…

It includes a wrap up of all the street art DD's from August, an interview with the incredible artist xpome, and many artist features.

Hit him up if you want to be featured in following issues or if you have stumbled across good street art that you think is worth sharing.

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Don't expect to see much from me for the next 2-3 weeks, I've got a halftone on the way.

I finally decided what to paint on my van.  Random stock photo.  No one I know.


Since none of you really know me in person, I'd like to introduce my van.  It's a 1990 Mazda MPV with 190,000 miles that I purchased from my grandfather for $1.  It came with a house he bought in florida.  Sweet right?  It used to have sticker flames on the sides and a ton of missing paint, so my grandpa helped me out with getting legit car paint and painting it in a legit spray booth with legit spray guns and masks and suits and all.  It's got a skatepark in the back. :]
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Alright, I decided I like spel-oner's tag the best for my contest.
So I'll be using that on my laptop and sending him a prize.

However, it does feel a little unfair to everyone else that entered if I just go and decide based on my own personal opinion, so I'm going to have another contest where people vote on the existing entries for what they, the public, think is best and then I'll also send a prize to that person.

Here is the link to my collection of all the entries………………………

So please please go there and check them out and comment ON THE COLLECTION with your vote.  That's the only place that I'll count the votes at.  If you have an entry in this deal, feel free to promote the hell out of it and get as many votes as you can by any means necessary.  

p.s. Don't vote for spel-oner.  He's already getting something.

I'll give this a week or two to run it's course til the votes trickle off and then tally them up.



I'll be deciding the winner in a couple days if there's no more entries.

View them all here:…

EDIT:  Wow guys, I've had a lot more response to this than I thought I would!  It's going to be a seriously hard decision picking just one..

I've updated the journal with the entires at the bottom.  Go check them out and comment on them / tell me your opinions and who you think should win the prize. I'm gonna need some help with this one methinks.

I need someone to write 'truemarmalade' in a good semi-sloppy tagging style.  I'm going to paint a "hello my name is" sticker on the back of my laptop (got bored of the delorean already) and I want to put 'truemarmalade' in the white space.…

Like dis.  Problem is that I can't write / tag / anything graffiti for shit, but I figure there's enough people watching me who do so I'll hold a little contest.

Whomever write truemarmalade in the style that I most like, and if I use your tag for the back of my computer, then I'll paint you a little custom stencil painting and mail it to you free of charge.  Probably something 5x5 and a few layers.

I'll leave this open for a week or two to see what sort of response I get.  

  • Has to be the full name "truemarmalade".

  • You can split it up into multiple lines.

  • You can add any sorts of arrows and "" and * or whatever you want to fancy it up.

  • Don't try to make it stencilable, I'll take care of that.

  • Only one color.  Whatever color you pick, I'll end up making it black when I paint it.

  • Do your thing, take a picture or scan it, submit it to dA or host in and link it in the comments of this journal

  • You can let me know you're working on one, or interested in the contest if you like, so that I know people are indeed interested.



:iconsmirapdesigns: graphicstreetracer.deviantart.…
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nedashi has made a blog called Custom Quarters in which she's posting work done by some srsly good artists with srsly good style.

She contact me a while back about it and I decided to do a series of battle animal stencils exclusively for her blog.

If you wanna see them then head on over to Custom Quarters and check it out.

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Hey guys, some fun news for you.  A fellow Michigander of mine JacobRyan, is hosting a custom shoe and skateboard contest.  Go to his account JacobRyan and read his journal for all the details.  I hope you guys enter.  Thanks.


News Article:…
:+favlove: that
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I think.  We'll see.

Due to recent developments, my computer is no longer in my possession for and undetermined amount of time.  I will not be able to check dA at all, or any other forms of online anything.

If you need to reach me, my cell phone has aim and my screen name on that is mobilemarmalade.

I can check my email from my phone as well,

If you contact me by either of these methods, be sure to let me know who you are, because I won't know just from screen names / email addresses.

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Now that there's a new street art GD making daily deviations, I figure I'd keep track of them to see if the quality changes from me to him.  I'll post what the deviation was, the blurb the gallery director does about the deviation, my thoughts about it, and if I think there is a better deviation from the artists gallery that could have been chosen instead.
Daily Deviation, 2008-03-13

Daily Deviation Stickers_03 by orongish For the first DD i've ever done, just some clean and clear work. Also a very cool gallery. (Featured by just-an-artist)
Personally, I'd have chosen Stickers_01 for a daily deviation over 03, but as far as finding a good sticker style goes, mr. newguy didn't do a bad job.  However, I tend to like stickers that have some sort of joke built in that'll make me giggle, which these don't do.

Daily Deviation, 2008-03-18

Daily Deviation Dopeness Means Robots by ThePpeGFX "There is nothing better then a collab between to stencil artists...Each with his own style.The thing that amazes me in this piece is the amount of time and patience it took to cut a stencil for every single one of his lil' dudes." (Featured by just-an-artist)
I feel bad because I always wished I had given pope, who's been a good friend of mine for as long as I've been stenciling, a DD; but I got beat to it twice!  I can't complain about this pick from the new guy, but the description is a bit off because there's only a few different stencils for the small robots that are repeated

Daily Deviation, 2008-03-20

Daily Deviation 70 x 7 by kesone Just beautiful clean work and an amazing gallery. (Featured by just-an-artist)



For reasons mentioned here I am no longer a gallery director and thus cannot make any more DD's.  It was a good run while it lasted.

I suppose I'll keep updating this when more street art gets DD'd.  So if you see any graffiti / stencils / whatever that gets featured, be sure to let me know just in case I missed it.

This is a journal, mostly for my benefit, so I can keep track of the Daily Deviations I featured.

Updated for you to see at 45.  I'll do this every five.

48 total.

Mature Content

smokey drippy cardboard by AdamVarela

industry NRW by flownomis 11-20

paris by KIWIE-FAT-MONSTER 11-19

gorilla-illa by stence 11-18

:thumb62930596: 11-17

CUTE's toy trains by EUKEE 11-16

Art Roll again by onpatrol 11-15

:thumb69576680: 11-11

Paism and Serial by Typoets 11-6

Hello You by theyellowdino 11-4

Pub Einstein by koolkiz 10-30

Vanity Checkpoint by elmaks 10-25

:thumb67635196: 10-21

Sunset Soon Forgotten by captainalec 10-17

5decks by jovi2 10-16

Stingermania Shoes by stingerstyler 10-13

les plantes grimpantes.. by seizou 10-12

FResh Air by LoVeGueRiLLa 10-11

Pink Pussy........Cat by Drahtfunk 10-10

bill by prsquad13 10-9

8 Mad Men by getfame 10-8

:thumb56672111: 10-4

Let it all out by cubecrazy2 10-3

he and she by wakeuposleeper 10-1

canvas SYC by Tag02 9-30

Electro-Floral Van by Jawa-Tron 9-29

:thumb38525155: 9-28

Crisis Project - Mural - 01 by CrisisProject 9-26
Was un-DD'd due to it being illegal graffiti on private property.  There is now a slight risk of all illegal graffiti on dA being against policy and perhaps removed.  Please comment with your thoughts on the matter.

yummie by serkster 9-24

Jesus H. Christ: Outdoorsman by Musical-Spoon 9-22

Octorange Juice by nedashi 9-20

Flinder St Station by kirpy 9-17

finally by glaze73 9-16 finished by Dangerstorm 9-13

spray can by freaknasty88 9-10

Under the Sea Stickers by PeterPan-Syndrome 9-7

Funky Chicken by Eeg0 9-6

tosh + homeone + aner by homeone 9-3

o44 by deskone 8-22

Beanos' Motor 2 by STiX2000 8-15

blackbook by lailasbaba 8-11


.0005 by QuestionJosh 8-7

the good, the bad and the wall by rimeligbarsk 8-3

Space Barbecue 2007 by c4rl 7-25

Your head is a trashcan... by TheHalcyonDays 7-9

:thumb50470382: 7-7

:thumb58903866: 7-5
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Is :iconjust-an-artist:.

And apparently they don't know diddly-squat about street art or the history of the gallery.  I mean, just check out all that awesome street art in their gallery!  

note I received this morning:
From: just-an-artist
Date: Mar 12, 2008, 4:11:18 AM

Hey mate,

I've been doubed into the Street Art GD possition, and I've noticed that you are a lot more into contact with that gallery and community in its self, so If you could give us a hand in organizing things and giving us a shout that would be awesomely appreciated.


Re: Heyo
To: just-an-artist
Date: Mar 12, 2008, 10:54:11 AM

You do realize that I used to be the street art GD, right?

I honestly don't give a shit about the street art gallery anymore. I used to feel like it was my baby (since I'm the person who got it made), that I had to care and nurture for it and make sure it was developing nicely. I used to have the whole gallery RSS feeded into my email, so that I'd see every single piece of art and would be able to check to see if it belonged.

Now that I'm not staff anymore, I wouldn't feel bad if someone uploaded 500 pieces of naruto fanart to the stencils gallery. I just don't care.

Basically, you're on your own. Probably wasn't a good idea taking up that position when you don't know the art form or anything about the culture.


My only advice, as soon as you get your free tshirt / hoodie / whatever devwear you choose, peace out asap.

Good luck BRO.  You're gonna need it.